Development Timeline

July 2018





August 2018
September 2018

Market Survey

We collect all customers’ opinions for recently two years and research the current products on the market. We make some main target as below:
1.100% Bubble-free
2.100% Dust-free
3.Easy to align

Imagination becomes 3D animation

We make a solution to reach the main target and make it becomes a 3D animation.
It looks amazing!

November 2018
December 2018

IP Strategy

To protect our idea and development, we apply a US invention patent.

Working hard

To for apply the invention patent, we have to work hard for sorting out our thinking and know how.

Jan 2019
February 2019

Still working hard

The documents of the patent application are almost done.

Happy Lunar New Year

It is the Lunar New Year holiday in Taiwan for 9 days vacation. Taking a break is for accomplishing a longer journey. Do you agree with these words?

5th Feb 2019
March 2019

US Invention Patent applied

After around two weeks hard working, we finally submit our invetion patent to USPTO.

Cooperator found!

We invite BESTUDIO to engage with industrial design.

April 2019
May 2019

ID Design Disscusion

We discuss with a lot of detail of ID Design to make the product Perfect. And also confirm the ID Design timeline.

1st ID Design

The package looking confirmed. It looks great and elegant.

7th June 2019
19th June 2019

It is K’anTan!

Yes! we finally confirm the product name. This new invention product will be called as “K’anTan”.

Material Confirmed

As our main target to produce an environment-friendly product. We decide to use PLA plastic as the material of the package.

The End of June 2019